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Jun 18, 2024

What to Pack in Your Beach Bag!

Sure, packing sunscreen and sunglasses in your beach bag is a given, but we have a few more essentials that will make your day in the sun much better. ·       Baby wipes. Perfect for getting sand off your hands before applying sunscreen or wiping smudges off your sunglasses – baby wipes are one of those versatile essentials you’ll definitely want to pack. ·       Silicone zip containers. The last thing you want is your body oil to spill inside your beach bag. To keep liquids from getting on your towels and books, pick up an assortment of reusable zip-top bags to store snacks, sunscreens, or electronics in to keep them clean and sand-free. ·       Multiple towels. Your towel is bound to get a little messy between water and sand. Make sure you have a fresh clean towel when you’re ready to head home – pack one or two in your beach bag! ·       Portable blanket. Before putting your towel down on the sand, cover the space with a waterproof blanket. Beach-friendly options roll up and secure to a handle, making it even easier to pack in your bag (and they help keep towels cleaner). ·       Bluetooth speakers. Nothing is more chill than lounging at the beach or pool with music. Look for a waterproof, Bluetooth speaker to connect to your phone so you can stream your favorite podcast or playlist!
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Tuesdays & Wednesdays, June 11th - August 7th

Family fun all summer long for just $1!

$1 Family Movies for Summer Break Summer is here, school is out, and this is your chance to spend some extra time with your kids. If you’re looking for affordable family activities, don’t miss Regal’s Summer Movie Express! During summer break, enjoy a series of great family movies returning to the big screen. Each week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11AM, get Summer Movie Express tickets for just $1. Make every summer movie outing even more enjoyable by including cinema favorites like Pepsi, popcorn, ICEE, Dippin’ Dots, or a Super Pretzel as part of the feature presentation. All Summer Movie Express guests can purchase a specially priced $5 Snack Pack, which includes a junior-sized drink, snack-sized popcorn, and fruit snacks with an optional $3 Dippin’ Dots add-on. Click here for detailed info: Summer Movie Express - $1 Summer Movies |
Thursday, July 4th

July 4th VIP Watch Party!

Celebrate Independence Day in style with an evening full of spectacular fireworks, delicious food, and great company. Best of all, benefiting WiSH. The WiSH Education Foundation is committed to maintaining and enhancing the education and learning experience for the over 21,000 students in the Hart District, grades 7-12 public schools in Santa Clarita. Highlights of the Evening: VIP Viewing of the Fireworks: Enjoy the best view of the fireworks from our VIP section. Great Food: Savor a selection of gourmet dishes and summer favorites. Bar: Delight in a variety of cocktails, wines, and beers. Music: Dance the night with grooves from our VTC DJ. Raffles and Prizes: Participate in exciting raffles for a chance to win amazing prizes, all while supporting a great cause. Support a Great Cause: Profits from this event will go to WiSH, helping them continue their vital work to support and enhance student programming that is either underfunded or for which there is no funding provided by tax dollars. Get your ticket by June 25th to ensure your spot at this unforgettable event. Join us for a night of celebration and generosity. Your presence will make a difference! Click here for tickets:

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